Caribbean Poker


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Let the Upper Hand Be With You!

Caribbean poker is a rather new game. It was introduced in the mid 1980s. And since then, it has always been one of the most trendy machines among gamblers. Its popularity is understandable. What’s weird about Caribbean poker is its provenance. The name of a person who has created it is still shrouded in mystery?

Caribbean poker clearly stands out from the rest of the card games crowd, why so? First, at Caribbean, you play against the dealer. Bluffing and any other deception are forbidden here. Usually Caribbean poker features five hands. Apart from that, Caribbean poker allows a change of cards. As far as combinations are concerned, they are quite regular.

Caribbean poker’s gameplay is pretty simple. To play, first make the first obligatory ante bet. Different machines offer different chips’ values. Check several online games to see which suits you best. Mind the table limits as well. You may look at those in the payout or the help section of a particular game.

After the ante, the dealer deals the cards. Every bettor, including the dealer, gets five cards. You see your cards right away, all dealer's cards are dealt face down except for the last one. Then you have time to look at your cards and make up your mind about your next move. There are two options: to fold or to continue by raising your ante bet twice.  But mind, if you fold, your ante wager will be forfeited.

After you've made up your mind and staked, the dealer opens the rest of his cards to determine whether he qualifies. To continue the game, the dealer has to have a higher hand or a king and an ace in his cards. If he doesn’t qualify, the ante and the raise get pushed. In case the dealer qualifies to go on with the game, your cards get compared individually.

Winning at Caribbean is pretty straightforward. When you compare your combinations, yours has to be higher than the dealer's. And that is it. Just like in any regular poker game. If the dealer’s combination outranks your combination, you lose. Your ante and raise wagers will be forfeited. If your hand outranks the dealer’s, you win. You can check the size of your winning at the payout table. 

The third variant is when you tie with the dealer. Then your wagers get pushed. It means the players will get them back with no extra money added.

Caribbean poker is popular among online casino regulars. Probably by now, you understand why. Its rules are much less complicated, the pace of the game is high, so are the chances to win. Basically, you get a regular poker game, but it is much faster and the payouts are the same. Some say the Caribbean poker’s RTP is a bit low. It’s only about 94% — 95%. But the gambler’s edge is still really favorable. 

To help you raise your edge even more, here is a small piece of advice. Don't hesitate to fold, if you don’t have a pair. Fold, if you have no kings or aces. And let the upper hand be with you!


Super game!
Date: 2021-02-20 11:53:00