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To Claim or Not to Claim: No-Deposit Deals at Question

No matter how great your gambling experience is, we bet you have heard about no-deposit deals many times. Maybe you even used them! Any gambler knows how tricky no-deposits are and how hard it is to come across them. In this article we’ll take a closer look at no-deposit deals. Maybe after you finish reading you will be able to answer the biggest question of all gamblers: to take those or to skip them entirely.

What are no-deposit bonuses? Basically, they are gifts from a casino to attract new players! Usually, no-deposit bonuses take two forms: free cash and free spins. Free cash is just what it sounds like. When you claim a bonus, you receive a certain amount of money on your account. It’s like a free credit which you may use to play different casino games. Another type of no-deposit bonus is free spins. 

Those are different. You get them for free too, that’s for sure. But they are usually prepaid, fixed, and you are allowed to use them on a selected slot machine or machines only. 

How to get a no-deposit bonus? Nothing easier. But there are a few tricks we’d rather you be aware of. The first step is to choose the casino you like, that has a no-deposit registration promo. It’s one of the most important parts of the task. Don’t be hasty on this one. Remember, no-deposit deals are usually offered to new players only. Make sure you have never played in this house before as there is one no-deposit promo allowed per player. 

To control who gets the house’s free-cash, casinos usually permit only one promo per household, or one per an IP address or one per a mobile device. If you are not the only gambler in the house, it might be a good idea to check if someone else from your household IP has ever claimed a registration at the house of your choice.  

Then comes the registration! Here you may come across one more little catch. Some online houses apart from the casino itself comprise poker lounges and bookies. Usually, there is one registration for all the features. 

So if you have registered at, let’s say, poker room some time ago to take part in a tournament and now you wish to claim a welcome no-deposit offer at its casino, there is no way you can get it. Remember, only the first registration counts. 

It is also a good idea to check the casino’s registration and bonus policies beforehand. We all know well that casinos usually have strict rules on who are allowed to register and play at the house. Some casinos accept players from only one country, but most online houses are more open on the point. Anyway, if players from your country of residence are not welcome at the casino, you would know it right away. 

No big deal! But there is one more rub. The casino may accept you as a player, but you may not qualify for this particular bonus or for any bonus at all. To avoid this, better read the Terms and Conditions thoroughly or even ask the support team about it.

So if you are from an allowed territory, and you are qualified to get the bonus you want, then go ahead and register! We’ll skip the registration procedure, it’s obvious. Fill in the form but make sure all the information you provide checks out. And don’t forget to verify your email address after registration. Otherwise, you probably won't be able to claim the desired bonus. 

There are plenty of people who are looking for a chance to cheat and try to get the free bonus cash for the second time. They sign up multiple times from the same IP or sign up from different IPs using different names. Trust us, that’s useless. You might create as many accounts as you dare, actually. It doesn’t really matter whether you use your own name or you make up one. You may even win something with this money. 

You might even meet the rollover terms for the bonus in full. But the thing is, you would never be able to withdraw this money from your account. Prior to any first withdrawal, there is an account verification you have to complete. You have to provide some documents proving your identity, your bank account details as well as to verify your address. You would never be able to do this for a fake personality. 

Probably you will be banned from the casino and your country of territory of residence might be excluded from the offer completely. Be smart and don’t cheat! 

After you have successfully received the free money on your casino account, you are good to gamble. But remember about the rollover. Any casino bonus comes with some wagering requirements you have to meet before you will be allowed to withdraw your wins. For the no-deposit deals rollover is generally much higher. It may reach 100x the bonus amount. So if you got $10 in bonus cash, you would have to wager $1,000. 

That’s an extreme, of course. Usually the rollover terms are much more reasonable, but be careful and check them before signing up! Not only free cash has rollover terms to meet. Free spin offers have those too. But you would have to wager not the cash you got, as you have got none, instead you would wager the winnings made with the free spins. 

Is there a trick in meeting the rollover? Oh, yes, there are plenty! First, remember not all the games count the same towards meeting the rollover terms. Usually in most houses, spinning slots count 100% towards meeting your rollover goal. Say you have to wager $10 a hundred times and you play slots. After having wagered $1,000 on different slots you have met 100% of your goal and you are, probably, good to go. 

But what if you play blackjack? Bad news. Usually, playing Blackjack counts no more than 20% towards meeting your rollover goal. So if you wagered $1,000 on Blackjack, it means you have only met one fifth of your total wagering goal. If you are wagering the free spin wins, the situation will be pretty much identical. Say you have won $5 from your free spins. With the required rollover of let’s say 50x the wins, you would have to wager $250. 

There is one more catch with meeting the rollover terms. The casino may regulate the maximum allowed stake. You should not exceed it, otherwise they may deny your bonus wins withdrawal. Some casinos actually require you to make a real money deposit before allowing you to withdraw any no-deposit winnings. Another rub is a maximum cash-out or the maximum converted credit rule. 

It says basically, that no matter how big your wins with the free cash are, you will be allowed to withdraw either a fixed amount or a certain percent of the total sum. Say you have won and played through $500 worth of winnings, but you will be allowed to withdraw like 10% of the total sum minus the free cash! Do the math! You may read all about it in the Terms and Conditions, and we strongly advise you to do so! 

Guess free money can't ever be really free, right!? What we know is that accepting such an enticing offer with so many strings attached might be overwhelming! Think twice before signing up for anything, compare, read the fine print and ask for all the information you deem necessary! Better safe than sorry! Being very careful while dealing with free money is essential for survival in gambling! Good luck!


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